Heidi Lueders: Square1 K9 Behavior, L.L.C


Clients experiences working with Heidi one on one

"I had a situation where my dog became spoiled, yappy and worse, refused to socialize with other dogs, often times becoming very aggressive. I reached out to Heidi to see what I could do and if it was fixable. We scheduled a meeting on a Saturday afternoon where I was able to get Ava (my dog) with Heidi and one of her rescue dogs. It took only a minute for Heidi to access the situation and to delicately alleviate the anxiety my dog had around other dogs. It was a mere 15 minutes, but the tips and techniques she used on Ava that day have been extremely helpful as I continue to work with her. Truth be told, Ava’s behavior is 150% from where it was before we met with Heidi."

-Nando Peter

""We were referred to Heidi after adopting our dog Allie from a local shelter based on her vast experience with bully breeds. Although we felt Allie was adapting well, as first time dog owners, we had no clue how to acclimate our new dog to walking properly on a leash, how to properly use the prong collar the shelter suggested, nor did we know how to deal with other dogs we met on our journeys. We also wanted to have someone come evaluate us to make sure we were going down the right path with her training so that we didn't inadvertently create future behavior issues. Heidi came and worked with us on how to teach Allie some leash manners and gave us some great insight into her personality and temperament. She also provided us with reassurance that we were doing everything right with the way we were handling Allie and her training. 

After seeing how concerned I was about Allie and her behavior towards other dogs, Heidi brought a dog with her to evaluate Allie's doggie manners and teach me more about how dogs should meet and play. After our sessions, Heidi has also been gracious enough to answer any additional questions we've had when new behaviors have sprouted up and has provided us with insight and solution. We are very pleased with the service Heidi has provided to our family. We highly recommend her to any dog owner in need of anything from basic training to addressing behavior issues." 

-Tara Sarno

"For anyone who may be looking for a dog trainer, I highly recommend calling Heidi. She has helped me with my dog, Rufus' people aggression issues. She is wonderful! Very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and did a wonderful job pointing me in the right direction with Rufus. Rufus has a ways to go, but Heidi gave me the tools I needed. She also told me what we were doing to inadvertently encourage his bad behavior.  Now he is well on his way. I couldn't have done it without Heidi's help. Whenever I have a question, she is always quick to get back to me and answer it. She also runs Bully breed rescue, so if your looking to adopt you can contact her about that too! Can't say enough good things about her. If I ever need help in the future for any of my dogs, I will definitely be contacting her. "

-Dawn Breda

"Having worked with Heidi - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! Heidi truly understands dog behavior, is professional, extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, has a simple and clear philosophy, is patient and kind - to name a few of her wonderful qualities. I adopted a "pit bull" from NY ACC (high kill shelter) who was brought into my house with 3 cats, 2 other dogs (pugs) and a busy family. It would not seem like the optimal situation but it was the only chance "Molly" had. Heidi was immediately able to read Molly's behaviors and work with us to correct the negative ones. Heidi IS our local dog whisperer! We now have a peaceful home with safe and happy creatures - and "Molly" has become a joyful, loving, engaged and obedient part of our family ! We could not have done it without Heidi's expertise and training." 

-Miki Matthews

“My husband and I came to Heidi Lueders after we realized our dogs were not as angelic as we thought. After all, Chewie (Beagle mix) would only jump on people for the first 10 minutes they were at the house and he was only 35 lbs so not that big of a deal right? And Boomer (Labrador) became overly excited when he would be around other dogs, he was just happy to see them… right? Unfortunately for my sweet boys, when not corrected for this behavior (surprise surprise) it got worse. Chewie began tugging on peoples clothes and Boomer was attacked by the neighbors dog. While I can’t control the behavior of others or their pets, I can control mine and it is my responsibility to do so as a pet owner. Over excitement does not seem like its a big deal but as Heidi taught us, in the dog world it is. It is also not healthy for Boomer and that is my main concern. Our pets are our children and we needed to educate them just as we would a human child. In steps, Heidi Lueders. She took the time needed to meet our dogs and learn their situation. She provided myself and my husband the tools we needed to fix issues we created and allowed for the past 5 years and more importantly some we didn’t even know we had! Hindsight, we saw them but just made excuses for them. “Chewie isn’t ready to come in yet, that’s why he’s not listening when we call him”. The problem with that statement alone is allowing Chewie to be in control of the situation rather than the other way around. Heidi taught us, whether he is ready to come in or not, we told him to, so come he shall!  Thanks to Heidi and all of her time and effort, Boomer is no longer overly excited when he encounters another dog and Chewie is working on his teritorial issues. I say working because while he has come leaps and bounds it takes time and effort on our part to keep him in check. They even have a new bother, Sarge,  that we rescued. Heidi was able to match to their personalities to ensure a good fit! We never thought we’d see the day when we could bring another dog into the dynamic. She walked us through the first crucial weeks of acclimation and I am confident that if it wasn’t for Heidi’s guidance we wouldn’t have Sarge and well rounded furry family we have now!  By doing all of the homework Heidi assigned to us and taking everything on step at a time, we went from relatively well behave to a work in progress and are quickly approaching trained humans! With Heidi’s continued help we are achieving well behaved dogs but much like anything else its a commitment and worth every ounce of time, energy and money to achieve. We highly recommend Heidi Lueders to train you and your family on how to be better pet owners. She is knowledgable, patient and understanding. She takes the time necessary to really get to know your dogs and provided you apply each and every step she says to, you will get the results you are looking for. When in doubt contact Heidi Lueders and have her do an assessment on your family. If you are open to it, what you learn will be invaluable“.
Cariann and Drew Tyszka